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Jarrod Wickum, CEO

"Hearing everyone's ideas, now that's what makes good products better."

Believing I have all the answers closes off valuable opportunities for learning and growth. Embracing the diverse perspectives and insights of others creates a collaborative environment that sparks innovation and leads to more comprehensive solutions.

Jarrod Wickum with trees in the background in black and white

Our Mission

It's simple. We believe in quality, innovation, and service. 

Watch the video to see behind the curtain on what this means to us. 

Wickum family posing with truck in black and white

Our Story

At Wickum Weld, our success lies in the collective spirit of our team, a group of true American makers who embody the essence of American craftsmanship every day. Our story began in March 2012 when Jarrod Wickum, a skilled welding professional, embarked on a mission to pursue his passion and establish a welding service.

Within three years, the growing demand for our commitment to quality pushed us to explore new frontiers, and in April 2015, Wickum Weld was born.

As a team, Wickum Weld has become synonymous with transforming metal into true masterpieces. We marvel at the craftsmanship that goes into our truck accessories, while the heavy-duty industry relies on our tailored solutions to overcome their most challenging obstacles.

Today, we are one of the premier manufacturers of top-of-the-line truck accessories, providing unmatched quality, innovation, and service, one weld at a time. We cherish the connections we forge with our customers, suppliers, and team members, all united by a shared passion and unwavering commitment. 

Join us as we celebrate the artistry of Wickum Weld, where our dedication to excellence intertwines with the spirit of American ingenuity.

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